Free QR-Code Generators

The following QR-Code generators are completely free without watermarks or ads:

Dynamic Barcode Generator Subscription

The Dynamic Barcode Generator Subscription is an annual subscription of the BCGen image generator that dynamically generates streaming barcode images from an image URL with an SSL encryption option included. The subscription excludes the watermark that exists in the free version and includes IDAutomation's 99.98% SaaS uptime guarantee. This type of barcode generation is easily integrated into popular applications.

Free Barcode Creators

The Barcode Image Creators are JavaScript driven webpages that allow customers to generate barcodes from the web with several options. The free version of this product will include a watermark under the barcode. Purchase the Dynamic Barcode Generator Subscription to create barcodes without the watermark and allow customization of default values.

Barcode generator templates are provided by download and may be easily customized to allow web based barcode generation for a particular purpose within your organization.

Barcode Streaming Tutorials using the Hosted SaaS Barcode Generator:

High Performance | Fault Tolerant | Low Latency

IDAutomation designed the BCGen on-line barcode generator cloud to be low latency, high-performance and fault-tolerant, with multiple load balancing servers in different locations of the Internet backbone, each with complete redundancy in DNS, power and network connectivity. The entire latency, even during peak times of the day, to send a request and retrieve a barcode image is usually less than 100 ms. A performance test shows an average response time of 33 ms for 2000 clients requesting barcodes. A DNS failover system exists on each server so that if one server goes off-line, DNS will redirect clients to other functioning BCGen servers.